Sustainable solutions to development issues

The process of innovation to a market-oriented economy has helped turning Vietnam from a low-income country to a low-middle income status. However, this has also led to a decline in financial aid to Vietnam to address the issues of community and development. Meanwhile, facing the risk of public debt, the government is also tightening its spending, laying off public servants, reducing expenditures and resources for development issues. After a great deal of effort, supporting measures for vulnerable communities and communities seem to have not thoroughly resolved the problem, the poor persist after support programs are completed. Local resources have not been properly exploited to attract sustainable external funding. In addition, the use and exploitation of public resources in Vietnam is not effective as it does not encourage the participation of the community in the management and exploitation process. While Vietnam has relatively rich natural resources, resource depletion and illegal logging are becoming a serious problem. Therefore, the government mechanism renovation and the replacement of the state administrative management measures with more market mechanisms are very urgent.

MASSEI believes that in order to address thoroughly and sustainably the issues of development and public resources, we need to create market institutions that help stakeholders to see their benefits so that they will have endogenous motivation and solve problems themselves without being dependent on external subsidies. At the same time, we need to encourage the participation of local communities in the management and exploitation of public resources, support the development of formal and informal rules and institutions. MASSEI, as a research unit of market research firm VietAnalytics, has the ability to deeply understand the behavior of market players. Using the most up-to-date knowledge in economics such as mechanism design, market design, public choice as well as specialized research tools including game theory, simulation, laboratory experiments, and field surveys, MASSEI believes that it can deliver groundbreaking solutions that are practical and solve problems on development and public resources in an effective, sustainable manner.

MASSEI experts have extensive experiences in the field of market design and public resource management. One of our most recent research is in the Vietnamese rice sector. We have identified the characteristics of the rice market in Vietnam on the basis of comparison with other countries, thereby determined the efficiency and fairness of the current market structure and the impact of market features to the interests of small rice producers. This is the basis for our recommendations for future market structure reforms, which aims to improve the overall efficiency of the whole value chain and to provide a more equitable position for smallholder producers.

MASSEI’s research priorities in the field of market solutions for community and civil society issues:

– Research and design mechanisms for public resource issues.

– Research and develop the market for local traditional products.

– Research on the financial autonomy mechanism for civic organizations.

– Research on microfinance models to improve the lives of poor households.

– Research on market models to exploit economic values from cultural, historical and natural relics in localities.

Sustainable solutions to development issues