Research methods Survey and data analysis The state-of-the-art survey techniques and methodologies Online survey and face-to-face survey assisted by computers and tablets. Market design and mechanism design Fine-tuning combination between game theory, algorithm, simulation, experiments, optimization, and fieldwork. In-depth market

12-12-2018 Modern information technologies

We are always aware that in the age of technology revolution 4.0 investment in information technology and big data analytics is the only way to serve clients better. Automatic collecting information technology: Information scanning technology helps MASSEI continuously collect related information sources on the internet to provide

12-12-2018 Technology Platform

Modern data-collecting technology Using the data scanning technology, MASSEI promptly scans sources of relevant data to provide comprehensive newsletters with up-to-date information.   Big data technology MASSEI constantly updates the application of big data technology to deliver the most valuable

12-12-2018 Theoretical Framework

New Institutional Economics In our studies, MASSEI adopts the framework that analyzes transaction costs in a micro-institutional environment to suggest solutions to promote private sector participation in the provision of public goods.   Austrian School of Economics Adopting the Austrian

12-12-2018 Research Methods

Quantitative research MASSEI’s expert team has extensive experiences in conducting various types of surveying with strong academic background in economics and econometrics. We are also proficient in using statistical software such as STATA, SPSS and SAS.   Simulation method With