1. Research methods

Survey and data analysis

  • The state-of-the-art survey techniques and methodologies
  • Online survey and face-to-face survey assisted by computers and tablets.

Market design and mechanism design

  • Fine-tuning combination between game theory, algorithm, simulation, experiments, optimization, and fieldwork.
  • In-depth market insights drawing on extensive market research experience of VietAnalytics.

Impact Evaluation

  • Evaluate impacts of policies before, after, and during their implementation.
  • Keep update of impact evaluation methods and technologies.

Comparative Analysis

  • Capable of applying smoothly various comparison methods such as scenario comparison, best practice study, case study, and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Experienced in adopting comparative analysis in institutional reform projects aimed at improving public service delivery in Vietnam.
  1. Technology Platform
  • Automatic data-collecting technologies: Our data-collecting technologies automatically scan sources of relevant data to continuously update and expand MASSEI database serving as input for various research purposes.
  • Big data technologies: MASSEI constantly updates the application of big data technologies into correlation analysis to uncover hidden patterns and correlations between social and economic phenomena.