Short training courses on free market

MASSEI arranges short-term courses to impart the knowledge of the free market as well as practical issues that can be addressed by the market mechanism. These courses also promote the development of an entrepreneurial, enthusiastic youth community that aspires to promote economic, political and civil liberties. With a community of young people with sound knowledge and shared values of the market economy, MASSEI hopes to contribute to the long-term development of economic, political, and social institutions in Vietnam.

Since 2012, MASSEI members have assisted the F-Group to organize two-day courses at suburb location every quarter for approximately 30 outstanding students who have a special interest in economic, political and social issues. The course program is usually divided into two parts. On the first day, participants will learn about the fundamentals of market economics and individual liberalism, then divided into five groups to carry out a small project to solve case study. In the next day, the groups will present their project and receive feedback from other groups and experts. Not only MASSEI experts but also expert guest speakers are invited to these courses to update the latest knowledge and information in the field.  Therefore, after each academic exchange program, the participants will be equipped with solid knowledge of the foundations of the free market as well as the ability to apply for analyzing socio-economic issues. Networking and exchanging idea activities also play an important part in the success of the training. After six years of these short-term training, we have formed a community of hundreds of young people in Hanoi with leadership potential who support the free market.